Curly tings

I had to learn to love my natural curls. As a young kid, I never appreciated how beautiful my natural hair is. I consistently used heat on it whether it was to straighten it, curl it, or blow dry it. As I became a young adult I realized that my hair could be really beautiful if I took care of it. Finally as an adult, with patience and tlc, I have embraced my curly hair and working it to its full beautiful potential. 

The top picture is from not taking care of it. I was negligent in the products I used, always tied it up, my hair was falling out due to post-partum. It was just an ugly sight. 

The bottom picture is me finally taking action again. Pre-pregnancy my hair was alive and my curls looked amazing. With the hormone changes my hair suffered a lot. Now I have taken back the control and I love it. With social media I have learned about different profound techniques to help promote natural curls. 

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Last night I cried

Emilia starting crawling last night. The past few weeks she would get up on her hands and knees and rock herself back me forth. I told everyone, “she’s going crawl in the next few weeks”. Then last night she made me cry for a good 5 minutes. She didn’t care to pay attention to me of course. She’s was too happy moving right along. I picked her up and gave her a tight hug.

I was looking at old photos and was admiring how big and beautiful she’s gotten these last 8 months. There is just something about seeing her crawl last night that forced me to propel myself into the future to an older Emilia. To me, crawling, was the start of her really growing up. She’s so smart, determined, sassy, sweet.

I can’t get over last night. I keep replaying it in my head (and on my phone). Being a parent has its days of frustration and stresses but ultimately it’s such a beautiful thing to watch your child learn, grow, and discover. 

Emilia and friend’s first birthday 

Emilia attended her friend’s first birthday party yesterday. It’s still surreal to me that I am a mommy to a baby girl who is going to turn one in a few months. A mommy to a baby girl who is already attending her friend’s birthday party. Times seems to have flown by yet I was still able to embrace and enjoy every single moment.
I’m already starting to plan her first birthday party. HER FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!
All glory is given to God for such a beautiful life. So thankful to be able to find light even in my darkest moments. 

Mommy Rant

I am sitting here at my computer at work. I have felt this immense amount of emotion this morning. Actually at this very moment I am feeling the need to cry. Maybe it’s the fact that I feel overwhelmed? I k now I have been thinking about the future often. I love being a mother, it can get very exhausting sometimes, but I love it. With the 7 ½ months of being a mother I realized the most important thing to have is support, patience, and love. I couldn’t do this on my own. My family has played such a great role in helping to take care and raise Emilia.. Even with all of the help I still find myself overwhelmed sometimes. There are days when I feel like super mom followed by days when I feel like super crappy. No matter what, I always make sure I am mommy first. Working full time and being a mommy isn’t easy. I find myself exhausted by the end of most days. There was even a day when I had to ask for a day off just to sleep in the next day.

With becoming a mom I am starting to see the importance of taking care of yourself too. When I was single, no children, no attachments – I understood the importance of loving yourself. You know, single, no one to tell you that you’re beautiful every day. So of course, I worked on loving myself more and making sure I felt confident in myself in everything I did. Then I became a mom and I realize that I need to take care of myself. Between work, taking care of Emilia, and taking care of every other part of my adult life – I needed to find a balance. I needed to find outlets to let out my frustrations. I needed to get back to eating healthy and getting fit. It is essential for me to make sure that I am in tip-top shape. Why? Simply because I am a mom. I want to be in my best physical, mental, and spiritual condition because I want to make sure that Emilia gets the best of me.

I’m still new to motherhood. I’m learning as I go as well as getting advice from family and friends. At the end of the day I want to be the best mother I can for Emilia. Lately I have been going to the gym on the weekends. Last weekend I didn’t miss a day. It felt amazing. I noticed my overall mood was much happier. I wasn’t tired. I had the energy to do so much. At the moment I am trying to establish a good gym schedule for during the week. It feels good to write again. Though ‘writing’ has taken another meaning with the popularity of blogging, but nonetheless the concept is the same. The best way for me to express myself is through my writing and I haven’t been able to do much of it. So this right here, this post, feels amazing.